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Open Age Learning

Open age learning

Since the centre's beginning in 1977, many new classes have been introduced. These are too many to be listed individually.

We offer mental and physical stimulation, friendship and fellowship in a relaxed, non-competitive atmosphere. No exams are held. Members can look forward to their school days with the opportunity to spend time with their friends, to learn, or to just listen to discussions or talks, or to achieve in art or craft classes.

The school year consists of four eight-week terms. Two programs are printed each year and are available prior to the start of each half year. Cost varies depending on the amount of time your chosen class or classes run for each week, our prices are very competitive.

List of classes currently available which run on MONDAYS, TUESDAYS, THURSDAYS and FRIDAYS:

* Must have at least six students to form a class

For more information, days and times each course is held please contact us>