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Social Support Home Visiting Program

This program aims to enable individuals to optimise social opportunities within Albury. This is done by linking them with community based volunteer supporters. The program volunteers are able to visit at home, enable people to access the community and perform day to day tasks that the client may find difficult.

Who is eligible?

How does it work?

Registration through ‘My Aged Care’ (1800200 422)

The Coordinator will receive a referral, and arrange a pre placement interview. The Coordinator visits the person and, with the agreement of the participant, matches a visitor who successfully completed the required training.

The visitor calls weekly for up to two hours per visit and may simply go to the person's home, take the person for an outing or attend an appointment with them.

This contact may involve a social activity such as shopping, a movie, fishing, attending a day care group, or going to a local sporting or social event. A visitor is given only one person and/or carer to visit.

Volunteer Matching

All reasonable care is taken to ensure that volunteers accepted into the Volunteer Training Program are appropriate to this role. All volunteers undergo an application process, including police check, and training prior to being accepted into the program.

The Coordinator will make every effort to appropriately match each visitor and participant on the program.


The Coordinator will provide ongoing support to all program participants. Periodically contact will be made by phone or personal contact to see how things are going.

Ongoing training for volunteers will be provided by Age Concern.

The Benefits of the Social Support Home Visiting Program

What to do it you:

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