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Tai Chi

Tai Chi for Maintaining Life Balance

What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is a non-strenuous, pleasant and very efficient body and mind conditioner. Movements are slow and smooth, using natural breathing rhythms. With practice, the discipline of Tai Chi allows your muscles to tone, your breath and body to work together in harmony and your mind to regain clarity and calmness.

People who practice Tai Chi often find that they respond better to life's stressful situations such as being bumped in a shopping centre and not falling over, or having to change the day's plans to cope with the unexpected. You may find you carry yourself in a more relaxed way that isn't slouching, so headaches and back pain are reduced. You may breathe more deeply and regularly so that your reflexes are sharper and mental focus is clearer.

The smallest movements may have the deepest effects - you do not have to move quickly, lift heavy weights or run long distances to become fit and graceful.

Recognised health benefits of regular Tai Chi practice include:

Which class do I choose?

Tai Chi encompasses a wide range of styles and forms. You may be interested in Tai Chi for help in improving your balance, for example, or in managing your arthritis, or even to help with mental focus. Qi Gong is often described as an enegy booster. The movements that are used work with your natural breathing to increase vitality.

There are many Tai Chi classes on offer through Age Concern and the Open Learning Centre.

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